T-Mobile Hacked and it affects more than their customers

by Eric | Aug 18, 2021 | News / Alerts | 0 comments

Companies get hacked all the time. We don’t always hear about them unless they affect us directly, or it’s a big hack and the news outlets report on it. 

T-Mobile had a pretty sizable hack recently but this one affected more than just its paying customers

Based on news articles published the hack affects paying customers, prepay customers, and even those customers no longer with the company. Even worse it apparently even held data for people who never signed up for the service! 

Information stolen included the typical first and last name but also included date of births, social security numbers, and driver’s license. This makes me think their credit check database was probably hacked since you need all the information I just laid out there to check a consumer’s credit. 

Now T-Mobile says they will be contacting everyone who is affected but my advice would be to monitor your information (bank accounts, new accounts, credit files, etc.) if you’ve had any dealing with T-Mobile in the past 5 years. 


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