First and foremost we are parents. Now you may be a parent, a caregiver, a grandparent, an aunt, or uncle. You could even be a kid of one of the aforementioned “adults” who’s just trying to help them out. The point is you are frustrated and you want help, that’s why we are here.

For years we’ve been helping parents just like you demystify technology, get answers to questions and guide families through the crazy world of social media and the internet. 

Businesses around the globe rely on support and consulting companies to help them with their technology and more. Why shouldn’t your household be any different?

If it’s a technology and it scares, confuses, befuddles, mystifies, or just makes you toss up your hands then we are here for you.

We focus on four principles.

Educate, Empower, Engage, Enable

We Educate you to better understand technology, the internet, social media, and various digital games and software.

We Empower you to be more proactive with your family and loved one’s technological and digital experiences.

We Engage with you to better equip you and your family or loved ones in order to Enable you to become an All Knowing Parent.

All Knowing Parent wants nothing more than to be your go-to resource for understanding technology and parenting. Whether it’s screen time, social media, gaming, or understanding that blinking box that provides “internet access” magically throughout your home – we have everything covered!

So join us today and start your journey to become an All Knowing Parent!