All Knowing Parent

Businesses have IT departments. Families have AKP.

A membership with All Knowing Parent (AKP) will give your family the support and systems you need to get their questions answered, to learn about the latest trends in technology and online/social media apps and so much more. If your family is having a problem we have the solution!

Let's get your family setup and supported today!

Tech Support When You Need It

Our support system is as easy as sending an email or filling out a form. Fast response times mean you aren’t waiting days for a response! No limits on the number of requests either!

Support, Advice, Recommendations

We are not here to just solve problems you encounter. We are here to give advice on a replacement or new devices, and will even research and make recommendations based on your unique needs, skill levels and budget!

Video Responses!

Let’s face it sometimes you need more than just a written response with pictures. That’s why we evaluate each request and determine if a video response might have more value. But don’t worry all video comes with a transcript as well! 

5 Way A Membership Helps Your Family!


  1. Get help using your new Playstation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or gaming console
  2. Ask questions about social media and how to secure it for your family
  3. Get product recommendations when shopping for a new TV, soundbars, digital camera, wi-fi router, mesh system, etc.
  4. Get product recommendations to make your home a Smart Home using smart lighting, smart bulbs, smart thermostats, smart switches, automated sprinkler systems, smart home alarms, smart cameras, and smart doorbells!
  5. Have an always available “geek” there when life throws you that technology curveballs. We do the research to solve your problems so you can focus on spending time with your family!

Let's get your family setup and supported today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Having All Knowing Parent available to me has been awesome. I used to spend hours online looking at technology and wondering if it was what I needed and if I was getting a good deal. Now I just send in my requests and get back a response tailored to my specific needs.

It’s so nice knowing that I never have to worry about if I need this or that “

Laurie A

“Being a dad of three I’m always playing catchup with the latest games and technology for my kids. All Knowing Parent has been awesome in helping me to understand what my kids are playing and has even provided suggestions to ensure they are safe while online.

Their product comparison service has been great too. I simply fill out a form letting them know what I’m considering purchasing and they do all the research for me. I get back a nice report with all the links and details I need to make an informed buying decision. Follow-up questions included!”

Bruce B

“I never realized just how many options and things there were to think about for my family and my home. With my All Knowing Parent membership I’ve been able to take things I “hear about” and get real information on them and then use that information to better support, my family.

Recently I had heard about these special glasses you could buy to help kids and people who use computers a lot. A quick inquiry to All Knowing Parent and I had recommendations for products to buy, and understanding of the “technology” used and why I should invest in a pair not only for my kids but for me too! Thank All Knowing Parent!”

Tracie F

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ or Reach Out.

Why Such Great Pricing?

We just getting started and didn’t want to wait around building a lot of content and articles without getting feedback and real-world needs from our community. So we are launching these special packages in an effort to grow the community while also getting real-world problems, needs, and requests which we can use to grow our ever-expanding knowledge base of information. We also recognize that you need help today, not tomorrow when we’ve conveniently written an article, published a video, or created an online course. So we want to make ourselves available now so we can start empowering you today.

How Long Are These Prices Going To Be Available?

Great question. We don’t have a date in mind but we are limiting these membership options so don’t wait around. Once we reach our operating goals they are going to change drastically in both features and price. Trust us when we say these are the best options you’ll see!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ or Reach Out.

Founder Starter Packages for Families

These packages are designed to get you involved and get you the basic support you and your family or household need. No fluff here, just straightforward answers, articles, and research. Ideal if you are the do-it-yourself kind of family.

Founder Pro Packages For Families

These packages are for those families who want everything now and in the future. As we grow our digital and online offerings so do your benefits. As we add a  new service then you’ll get access to that service as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are these prices going to last?

Great question. Honest answer, we don’t know. We have some ideas based on either the number of subscribers, the number of requests we handle, and some other metrics which will let us know if it’s time to release our standard pricing.

We will say that most of the unlimited options we have now will go away and limits will be placed on them based on the offering you select. So if you like unlimited it’s best to #PickAPlan!

Ok why are these prices so good?

We are just launching and instead of spending months creating content, and building a knowledge base of information, or classes that no one will use, we are opening up now. The idea is that you, our community, will ask questions make suggestions, and help us to grow.

We aren’t going to wait on you though. We plan to launch new content on a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

We will always prioritize your needs over our roadmap so get those suggestions to us!

What is your refund policy?

Plans are prepaid but you can cancel at any time. If you are on. a monthly plan then your access will end at the end of your subscription month (shown as a “renewal date” in your account. The same goes for yearly plans. Lifetime plans which are canceled are effective immediately so be sure you want to cancel!

Feel free to put in a request if you have special circumstances or need more of a refund as we value you being happy more than being paid.

What's the catch with unlimited?

No catch, we really mean unlimited. As in no limits, ever. 

Can I upgrade after signing up?

You can change your plan any time from within your account panel once logged in. 

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.